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Let’s talk fashion!

I’m so excited to start this blog. Like RIDICULOUSLY excited!

I love fashion – LOVE IT! However I can get a little shy because of my size. I’m considered plus size and it can be really hard to find fashionable clothes and when I do I go crazy and spend a small fortune.

I’ve also loved following the Aussie Curves gals as they post their outfits each week. They are continually inspiring me to wear different things and to embrace my curves. Curves shouldn’t stop you from wearing what you want, they’re just an added bonus that some people don’t have.

I also find that finding clothes to suit my size and shape can be really challenging and these girls are opening my eyes to different businesses that don’t discriminate.

In saying that, mainstream fashion labels are slowly changing and are starting to meet the demands of the curvier population.

As the average wasteband of the population grows, fashion needs to aswell and by not meeting those needs they are missing out on a huge slice of pie.

On top of loving fashion I’m finding I have a bit of an addiction to shopping. Not just clothes, but accessories, makeup, pretty much anything that requires my dollars. And I need to start making smarter choices. I need to find more bargains and better quality items and investing in them for longer.

Just about every pay cycle I buy new clothes or jewellry. You’d thinking my wardrobe would be un-managable. But it isn’t. I have my favourite items that get a ridiculous amount of wear, my special pieces that only make the occasional appearance and then a whole lot of stuff that only sees the sunshine when I’ve run out of my faves.

I can’t wait to start joining in the Aussie Curves challenge and hope you enjoy watching!

S x


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