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Where’s the confidence?

Yesterday I had a plan to take my Aussie Curve pictures for the latest challenge ‘Breaking the Rules’. The outfit was planned in my head, all I had to do was get home from work, change, drag the boyfriend out to take the photos and rock my inner goddess.

When I got home and went to put on the sequined vest I wanted to use is now too small. TOO SMALL!!

I know I’ve put on some weight over the past 12 months because of a new relationship, but some part of me was in denial about how much.

So after getting really upset, having a small cry and the boyfriend comforting me and assuring me I wasn’t the size of an obese walrus I’ve decided to give up on this weeks challenge.

As much as my reason for joining this challenge was to gain better confidence in myself and my body I’m just not there yet, which is really sad. I’ve seen all the girls participating in the challenge and they are all different shapes, sizes, personalities and styles and they exude such confidence, they really are role models.

Fingers crossed my confidence comes in time for next weeks challenge.


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