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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Cray Cray

Things are getting crazy leading up to Christmas!

I’ve only bought half my gifts for the family and I leave for Darwin in two weeks!

Just quietly I am dreading one thing about going to Darwin.


Not because I’m scared of flying, I’m scared of plane seats.

As my waste has grown, airplane seats have not and the last time I flew the tray table had to rest on top of my stomach. Awkward.

Now I’m worried that there’s no chance the tray table will fit at all.

I’m praying to whatever gods are out there that I’m the only person in my row so I can use the tray table next to me, otherwise I might just have to forgo the plane meal.

I know, it seems like such a silly thing to worry about. But it honestly worries me and makes me feel awful.


Reality Bites

Things have been cray cray at the moment.

My bank account was emptied, thanks to some asshole in Cancun, work has been hectic and my weekends full of stuff before I go away next month.

Fingers crossed I actually get a chance to take my Aussie Curves outfit this weekend, otherwise I may miss out again.

Today I felt like I had to share because the bf and I have hit 1 year.

It has been the most amazing year of my life.

He makes me feel like the sexiest person in the room everyday and having someone like that in my life is just amazing.

So today I’m full of warm fuzzies and I hope yours is as well!

Aussie Cuves: Pastels

I gave Aussie Curves a miss this week because I couldn’t find one pastel item of clothing and after a recent online shopping binge wasn’t prepared to go out and buy something new.

I did however recieve my online shopping binge package on Friday and I can’t wait to share with you some of the awesome items I picked up!

Aussie Curves: Polka Dots

I was a lot less hesitant participating this week. I’m not a huge fan of polka dots but I do have this polka dot lined blazer I picked up from City Chic a while ago.

I teamed it with a top from 17 Sunday, ASOS skinny jeans and my favourite heels I picked up in LA last year. Topped with a bun and Colette earrings. This is my go to outfit when heading to the movies or dinner with the boyfriend.

I also played around with some actions in photoshop..

Hope you like!

Say hello to my top knot and braid 😀

I love these earrings!

Ahhh low sensible heel! I could last in these for hours!

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Why I Don’t Go Out Anymore

I thought the main reason I didn’t go out anymore was because I’d much rather be at home with the boyfriend. When I really really think about it though I don’t think that’s the main reason. As much as I love spending time with him there are nights I need to chill with the girls, catch up on their lives and discuss the latest hollywood breakup.

I think the big issue is the self confidence. I have days where everything I put on makes me feel fat, my hair just doesn’t do what it should and my makeup represents a manic clown.

I’ve always put myself out there as confident – fake it till you make make it.

Lately it’s been harder to fake it. I’m choosing bagger clothes, wearing more cardigans to hide my muffin top and the thought of wearing anything knee length makes me shudder.

I suppose though that’s the point of this more personal blog. To put myself out there, feelings, fashion and everything.

It’s also timely that just after starting this another awesome blogger I follow started this #ConfidentYou series. So far I’m loving it, even though I’m not actively participating just knowing others out there struggle is comforting.

Do you struggle with confidence?

Happy Halloween!

Just wanted to share some happy snaps from a Halloween party I went to on the weekend.

The bf and I went as matching nerds!