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Why I Don’t Go Out Anymore

I thought the main reason I didn’t go out anymore was because I’d much rather be at home with the boyfriend. When I really really think about it though I don’t think that’s the main reason. As much as I love spending time with him there are nights I need to chill with the girls, catch up on their lives and discuss the latest hollywood breakup.

I think the big issue is the self confidence. I have days where everything I put on makes me feel fat, my hair just doesn’t do what it should and my makeup represents a manic clown.

I’ve always put myself out there as confident – fake it till you make make it.

Lately it’s been harder to fake it. I’m choosing bagger clothes, wearing more cardigans to hide my muffin top and the thought of wearing anything knee length makes me shudder.

I suppose though that’s the point of this more personal blog. To put myself out there, feelings, fashion and everything.

It’s also timely that just after starting this another awesome blogger I follow started this #ConfidentYou series. So far I’m loving it, even though I’m not actively participating just knowing others out there struggle is comforting.

Do you struggle with confidence?


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