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Aussie Curves: 1 Year Gone

I didn’t come to the Aussie Curves challenge until late in the year and my participation has been really sporadic, but it has been such a great experience!

My own confidence and style has changed just by reading and seeing all the women involved.

Here’s a quick flashback of all my outfits for the past ‘year’. I can’t wait to keep participating and hopefully get to one of the meet ups!


Challenge: Skirt

Challenge: Polka Dots

Challenge: Polka Dots

Challenge: Spikes

Challenge: Heels

Challenge: Green

Challenge: Green


Challenge: Spikes

Challenge: Ruffles

Challenge: Ruffles

Challenge: Homemade

Challenge: Homemade

Congratulations to Danimezza for creating a truely supportive and proactive community for plus sized women. Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy but the group of women involved in Aussie Curves could not be more fabulous and amazing!

Bring on the next 12 months!!

You can see the next lot of challenges here:


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