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In With The New!

I blogged about a week ago about how I haven’t been feeling the sunniest lately.

I was booked in with a hairdresser for a change and guess what, turns out I don’t need one!

I had a colour consultation for my skin tone, eye colour etc and apparently the colour I am now is just spot on.

So instead of a new colour they just gave some life to my existing colour.

You might not be able to see a noticeable difference, but I’m really loving it! It’s definitely given me a new confidence.



Out with the old!

Today I’m booked in with a new hairdresser and I’m super excited!

I’m thinking I need a change! With all the negativity that’s been circling my brain lately and new hairstyle/colour is just what I need.

At the moment I’m blonde. I colour my own hair at home and that’s having some big effects on the condition of my hair. It’s becoming very dry and just YUCK!

Once upon a time my hair was my thing. It was long, blonde and well maintained by my hairdresser. My nickname is even Blondie to most of those that know me.

Now (like my mood) it’s gone downhill.

Time to get a professional intervention!

Here are a bunch of my ‘before’ photos and I’ll show my ‘afters’ soon!

IMG_8146 IMG_8123 IMG_8037

Not All Smiles

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Today I had a meltdown. Luckily it was in the privacy of my home, because it was ugly. There were tears, red puffy eyes and lots of snot.

I’m so inspired by the plus size bloggers and how they embrace their bodies.

I’m still way behind when it comes to accepting my body and loving my curves. Sure I have days where I feel like I look amazing, but the majority of the time I’m not thinking the nicest thoughts about myself.

The whole reason I wanted to join the Aussie Curves challenge was to try and change the way I feel about myself and my body.

I know it’s going to be a long process to get there and not every day is going to be full of smiles, but when I am feeling bad (like today) I just need to jump online and be reminded that beauty can be found at any size.

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Pre: Fashion Event After Party

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I am beyond excited!

I’ve been working backstage at Canberra fashion event FashFest and I get to go the after party and mingle in the VIP area – cue panic trying to decide what to wear!

This isn’t traditional Westfield shopping fashion, this is off the hook, alternative, out there, amazing fashion! And I want to fit right in!

I’ve already put up a cry for help on the Aussie Curves facebook group and had some fab suggetsions. I’m going to use my spiked shoulder peplum top from the ‘heels challenge’, hair will probably be out and straight with a lot of height. The only issue is the bottoms.

Someone suggested a pencil skirt, which I’m normally very scared of because I feel it highlights my tummy in a BAD way!

If you have any suggestions – HELP!!

Naughty Naughty!

So clearly I haven’t posted in AGES!

There is hope for me though! I have finished my Cert IV in makeup which was taking up a lot of my spare time with night classes and completing assessments outside of that. Now I’m ready to commit again!

Not just because I feel like the nerd that’s been left out of the party, but because Monday was my birthday and I got some AMAZING clothes from ASOS thanks to my parents. My wardrobe has had an injection of life and I’m ready to start sharing!

So today I’m hoping to work on some outfit pics and you’ll get to see them on Monday 🙂



Time For A Change

For the past 25 years I have indulged in bad food.

I’ve had moments of regret and guilt, but they were so momentary I never gave them a second thought. Until walking up the stair to my apartment became a struggle and I would try covering my huffing and puffing by yawning.

My fitness has gone running and screaming from me.

I want it back.

I want to be able to walk up the stairs to my apartment while still breathing normally.

I want to be someone who enjoys walking around lakes, hiking and just getting out into the fresh air.

I want to be able to go to New York at the end of the year and not by limited by my fitness.

It’s time for a change.

Where are the outfits?

I know! I haven’t graced you with an oufit post yet! Things have been hectic in my world.

Something I should share with you is I’m just about to be a fully qualified Makeup Artist! So my weekends have been filled with photoshoots and practice for my assessments and my own learning.

I’m also waiting for a parcel from ASOS to arrive with a few goodies I’m hoping to share!