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Pre: Fashion Event After Party

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I am beyond excited!

I’ve been working backstage at Canberra fashion event FashFest and I get to go the after party and mingle in the VIP area – cue panic trying to decide what to wear!

This isn’t traditional Westfield shopping fashion, this is off the hook, alternative, out there, amazing fashion! And I want to fit right in!

I’ve already put up a cry for help on the Aussie Curves facebook group and had some fab suggetsions. I’m going to use my spiked shoulder peplum top from the ‘heels challenge’, hair will probably be out and straight with a lot of height. The only issue is the bottoms.

Someone suggested a pencil skirt, which I’m normally very scared of because I feel it highlights my tummy in a BAD way!

If you have any suggestions – HELP!!


Why I Don’t Go Out Anymore

I thought the main reason I didn’t go out anymore was because I’d much rather be at home with the boyfriend. When I really really think about it though I don’t think that’s the main reason. As much as I love spending time with him there are nights I need to chill with the girls, catch up on their lives and discuss the latest hollywood breakup.

I think the big issue is the self confidence. I have days where everything I put on makes me feel fat, my hair just doesn’t do what it should and my makeup represents a manic clown.

I’ve always put myself out there as confident – fake it till you make make it.

Lately it’s been harder to fake it. I’m choosing bagger clothes, wearing more cardigans to hide my muffin top and the thought of wearing anything knee length makes me shudder.

I suppose though that’s the point of this more personal blog. To put myself out there, feelings, fashion and everything.

It’s also timely that just after starting this another awesome blogger I follow started this #ConfidentYou series. So far I’m loving it, even though I’m not actively participating just knowing others out there struggle is comforting.

Do you struggle with confidence?

If She Can, I Can

I’ve just seen and read an amazing post by one of my favourite bloggers.

Isn’t she AMAZING?

With such an inspiration on the Internet I’m determined to get an Aussie curves post organised for next week.

If she can do it, I can do it.

Where’s the confidence?

Yesterday I had a plan to take my Aussie Curve pictures for the latest challenge ‘Breaking the Rules’. The outfit was planned in my head, all I had to do was get home from work, change, drag the boyfriend out to take the photos and rock my inner goddess.

When I got home and went to put on the sequined vest I wanted to use is now too small. TOO SMALL!!

I know I’ve put on some weight over the past 12 months because of a new relationship, but some part of me was in denial about how much.

So after getting really upset, having a small cry and the boyfriend comforting me and assuring me I wasn’t the size of an obese walrus I’ve decided to give up on this weeks challenge.

As much as my reason for joining this challenge was to gain better confidence in myself and my body I’m just not there yet, which is really sad. I’ve seen all the girls participating in the challenge and they are all different shapes, sizes, personalities and styles and they exude such confidence, they really are role models.

Fingers crossed my confidence comes in time for next weeks challenge.

This morning on ‘The Morning Show’ there was a segment about a search between a model agency and lingerie brand, to find a plus size model. This model needed to be between an Australian size 12-16.

Maybe I’m new to this topic of conversation, but last time I checked an Australian size 12 could shop in every clothing retails store. They are not plus sized.

Around the world plus sized is considered an Australian size 14 or over.

I have nothing against size 12 models – they are people after all. I just don’t like a brand or modelling company trying to sell me plus sized clothes that are displayed on someone that isn’t plus sized.

Am I overreacting?

Girl’s Night Out

I’m so excited to be going out this Saturday! I haven’t been out in.. Well I couldn’t tell you the last time! I’ve had images of my wardrobe flicking through my head today while trying to decide what I’ll wear and I’m absolutely stumped.

The weather’s going to be warm so I’m thinking something light, maybe a skirt or jeans and some kind of dressy singlet top, but then I always feel self conscious in clothes that bare my skin.

I love winter because I can layer and cover almost every inch of me, however summer leaves me vulnerable and more open to people critisicing my wardrobe choices. I small part of me is hoping a cold snap comes through so I can wear some sort of cardigan or blazer!

What’s your favourite outfit for a night out?